Smartphones forecast to represent over 50 percent of total cellphone sales for first time in 2013

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April 9, 2014

Smartphones foresee to paint over 50 percent of sum cellphone sales for initial time in 2013 phone details. Here mobile phone, notebook and smartphone, suffer review Smartphones foresee to paint over 50 percent of sum cellphone sales for initial time in 2013 gadget information. USA: The smartphone is a subset of the sum cellphone handset marketplace.  One simple disproportion in between an extended cellphone and a smartphone is the capability of the smartphone to soak up third-party applications.

Smartphones additionally typically bond to leading-edge mobile network services and have been at the forefront of the joining of data, telecom, and consumer-oriented functions (such as video games, camera, song player, mobile TV, etc.) in a singular handheld device.

Most smartphones embody touchscreens with built-in wireless modems and GPS/GNSS, and have been able of Web browsing, promulgation and reception e-mail, voice recognition, video and audio streaming, using bureau applications, and over-the-air synching with a PC.

Many in the cellphone attention reason new smartphone designs have been reaching the indicate where they have sufficient opening to turn the initial computing device for most consumers.  If so, the marketplace could be on the verge of entering in to “the post-PC era,” as formerly identified by the late Steve Jobs, who influenced up debate with his provocative prophecy in Jun 2010.

The new consumer/Web importance in the cellphone marketplace has been a plea for a series of top-ranked smartphone suppliers (e.g., RIM, Nokia, etc.), which have struggled to refocus their handset designs, program platforms, and commercial operation strategies to residence the stream proviso of the fast-growing smartphone segment.

Fig. 1 shows which sum smartphone shipments grew 47 percent in 2012 to 712 million units, after surging by 67 percent to 485 million in 2011. Moreover, smartphone shipments have been foresee to grow by an additional 37 percent in 2013 and tumble usually twenty-five million units bashful of 1 billion.

Smartphones have been approaching to comment for over 50 percent of quarterly shipments for the initial time ever in 2Q13. In fact, smartphone shipments have been foresee to strech 300 million units in 4Q13 and paint 60 percent of sum cellphones shipped which quarter. Smartphones have been approaching to transcend the 50 percent invasion turn on an annual basement this year and reason 85 percent of sum cellphone shipments in 2016.

In contrariety to smartphones, sum cellphone section shipments grew usually 1 percent in 2012 and have been foresee to grow usually 3 percent in 2013 (Fig. 2).  As shown, non-smartphone cellphone sales were prosaic in 2011 though showed a seventeen percent decrease in 2012. Moreover, IC Insights expects an additional twenty percent dump in non-smartphone handset sales in 2013.

Between 2011 and 2016, smartphone shipments have been approaching to climb at a really clever CAGR of twenty-nine percent to 1,760 million units in the final year of the foresee duration (the 2011-2016 CAGR for non-smartphone section shipments is -24 percent). Overall, the smartphone 2011-2016 section conveyance CAGR is incomparable than 7x the approaching CAGR for sum cellphone section shipments in which same five-year timeframe (4 percent).

Competition in smartphones strong in 2012 as suppliers rolled out new handset designs with incomparable touch-screen displays, some-more absolute processors, improved handling systems, higher-resolution cameras, and new radio-modem connectors to the faster “4G” mobile networks, which were fast swelling in the US, South Korea, Europe, and Japan. In the subsequent couple of years, new high-speed “4G” networks have been programmed for China, India, Brazil, the Middle East, and alternative fast-growing building markets.

Samsung and Apple dominated the smartphone marketplace in 2012 and have been approaching to do so again in 2013.  In total, these dual companies shipped 354 million smartphones (218 million for Samsung and 136 million for Apple) and reason a sum 50 percent share of the sum smartphone marketplace final year. For 2013, these dual companies have been foresee to boat 480 million smartphones (300 million for Samsung and 180 million for Apple) and see their sum smartphone section marketshare trip usually one commission indicate to 49 percent.

In 2012, smartphone sales from China-based ZTE, Lenovo, and Huawei surged.  Combined, the 3 top-10 China-based smartphone suppliers shipped about 80 million smartphones in 2012, some-more than a 3x enlarge from the twenty-four million smartphones these 3 companies shipped in 2011.
Moreover, these 3 companies have been foresee to boat 142 million smartphones in 2013 and together reason a fifteen percent share of the worldwide smartphone market.  In contrariety to the success of the vast China-based smartphone suppliers, IC Insights expects RIM and HTC to go on to onslaught in the smartphone marketplace in 2013 with both companies foresee to uncover a double-digit decrease in smartphone section shipments as compared to 2012.

Smartphone suppliers underneath vigour embody Nokia, RIM, and HTC, any of which purebred high double-digit year-over-year declines in smartphone sales in 2012. Until multiform years ago, Nokia reason a 50% marketshare in smartphones, though in 2008 and 2009, the association saw the share tumble next 40 percent due to increasing foe from suppliers targeting consumers with interactive touch-screen handsets which have been able of using multimedia applications.

In 2012, Nokia’s smartphone shipments declined by 55 percent (to usually 35 million units) and represented usually a 5 percent share of the sum smartphone market. Other smartphone producers which have depressed on tough times not long ago embody RIM and HTC. While any of these companies had about a 10 percent share of the 2011 smartphone market, IC Insights forecasts which any of them will have usually about a 3 percent share of the 2013 smartphone market.
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