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PhoneTweak 1.26 phone details. Here mobile phone, cover as well as smartphone, suffer review PhoneTweak 1.26 tool information.

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PhoneTweak 1.26 – PhoneTweak lets we tweak your BlackBerry® how we wish it, together with automatically locking a shade as well as set of keys during calls.

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PhoneTweak lets we set options for Phone, Messages, Power, Connections, Clock as well as LED.

There is even a accessible flashlight feature.
Automatically close screen/keyboard during calls.
Automatically low backlight during calls.
Vibrate on call/answer.
Turn backlight as well as launch a summary focus on brand new mesaage.
Schedule energy on/off away for any day of a week.
Automatically spin connectors off when a battery is low.
Schedule connectors on/off away for any day of a week.
Hourly carillon in between sure times. Handy flashlight feature.
Set LED immature when charging.
Set LED red when battery turn is low.

e1550  annni1 Smartphone PhoneTweak 1.26

PhoneTweak v1.26 for BlackBerry

PhoneTweak v1.26

Version: 1.26
File Size: 105 KB
Required: 5.0.0 or higher

e1550  annni1 Smartphone PhoneTweak 1.26

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