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NavLight Flashlight-Compass 4.1.2 phone details. Here mobile phone, cover as well as smartphone, suffer review NavLight Flashlight-Compass 4.1.2 tool information.

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NavLight Flashlight-Compass 4.1.2 – Find your approach in dark as well as illumination …

Includes the compass, speedometer, flashlight, as well as puncture strobe, red/white flasher, as well as SOS.

* Compass usually functions on phones with GPS and/or the captivating compass. It can arrangement GPS march as well as captivating streamer during once.
* Flashlight uses possibly camera light or shade on phones with the camera light, differently uses screen.
* Speedometer requires GPS

Color-shifting standing arrangement shows battery level.

Selectable colors for compass as well as speedometer.

** Please have certain GPS place is enabled in phone Options.

Speedometer starts up faster if continuous to dungeon network.

Main compass underline uses stand-alone GPS.

Version: 4.1.2
File Size: 147 KB
Required: 5.0.0 or higher

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