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Light Rain Theme v2.4 phone details. Here mobile phone, cover as well as smartphone, suffer review Light Rain Theme v2.4 tool information.

Light Rain Theme v2.4 – Today, we contention to we a 2.4 chronicle of a thesis Mostly Cloudy. As some-more though do not see facebook, forum, a organisation still remind we of your thesis so most to confirm as well as continue editing.

Light Rain Theme v2.4

Light Rain v2.4 This small newer, with reduction soppy wallpaper. Font time is changed. The credentials of a menu, the menu rise tone additionally changes. Wallpaper of applications have been additionally illuminated up a bit. Icons still does not shift anything. More wallpaper . Regarding shortcuts, we would not shift most since there have been so most opinions on this.

Shortcuts Light Rain Theme v2.4:
-Alt + W or Alt + e to shift a credentials ensign splendid or dark
-Alt + X or Alt + c to uncover or censor a pieces of paper + stream owner
-Alt or Alt + o + i to censor or uncover a camera button.
-0 ( 0 ) to a SMS
-$ For a comparison Profile
-f to on Facebook
-i so on Twiter
-ESCAPE to a icons in strange location

Temporary chronicle 2.4 will be for 9360 as well as 97xx – OS6 fine ! 8900 as well as 9000 will be bound as shortly as possible. To download a thesis of your name greatfully download the file trustworthy next , recollect to name a scold chronicle okay.

Q & A :

Q1 : – How do we shift a content in a paper ?
A : You go to Options – > Display > Message on Lock Screen as well as revise dual lines of owners name as well as owners info . Then out of home shade , press alt + x to turn it off , alt + c to free . This will refurbish a content on it .

Q2 : – we used 9700 though set in a not see anything ?
A : – It is probable which a record name or … a sure partial of a same thesis is not concordant with a aged chronicle is used . So it is most appropriate to undo all your aged chronicle of a thesis , reboot as well as reinstall chronicle we wish to make use of . If we still can not get it since we get a installation record is improper or blank links .

Size: 750 KB
Version: 2.4

Download Light Rain Theme v2.4
9650/9700/9780 OS 6.0
9350/9360/9370 OS 7.0 – 7.1

9650/9700/9780 OS 6.0
9350/9360/9370 OS 7.0 – 7.1

Light Rain Theme v2.4 Preview 1

Light Rain Theme v2.4 Preview 2

Light Rain Theme v2.4 Preview 3

Light Rain Theme v2.4

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