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Friday, February 8th 2013. | gadget

GlassLock 1.0 phone details. Here mobile phone, cover as good as smartphone, suffer review GlassLock 1.0 tool information.

GlassLock 1.0 - We finished it better!! Stop being cheeky! We’ve all finished it – angry someone with a pocket-dialed phone call, broke ourselves by unintentionally entrance off tongue-tied during a discussion call, etc.

GlassLock thatch a shade of your BlackBerry device fast as good as securely, so we can suffer overwhelming touchscreen record as good as do what we need to do…with your grace intact! 

GlassLock eliminates effusive impertinence dialing, whilst permitting we entrance to answer or omit incoming calls but carrying to clear your screen. When we answer a call whilst your shade is locked, GlassLock protects we from things similar to accidently report a in isolation call around speakerphone, muting, un-muting or putting your call on reason in error, incorrectly job an additional participant, etc. Once we finish a call, your shade will still be locked.

A purify as good as elementary pattern – simply lift down a arrow when you’re ready to unlock.
You have a coherence of possibly locking your shade manually on-demand, or environment GlassLock to automatically close your shade after a fixed volume of resting time. 

GlassLock even offers a ubiquitous Idle Lock Delay time option, as good as one privately for a phone call screen, to most appropriate fit your needs. GlassLock functions on all touchscreen BlackBerry devices. Enjoy a most appropriate shade close app around – we finished it better!!

Version: 1.0
File Size: 67 KB
Required: 6.0.0 or higher

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