Smartphone Game Death Worm v1.0.0.5

Post On: 7 May 2013
In: tablet
April 9, 2014

Game Death Worm v1.0.0.5 phone details. Here mobile phone, notebook and smartphone, suffer review Game Death Worm v1.0.0.5 gadget information. Death Worm v1.0.0.5 - Free download Game for BlackBerry 10 free full 2013. Control the mind-boggling subterraneous beast with your finger! Eat people, animals and birds, blow up cars and tanks, move down planes and helicopters, better the armed forces and even the aliens!

The diversion features:
* 60 levels on 4 opposite locations
* 3 reward mini-games
* bomb presence mode
* 50 rivalry types
* 4 worm types.

File Size: 19.8 MB
Required: BB10 Smartphone OS or higher


BlackBerry World
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