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Fitness Tracker 1.7 phone details. Here mobile phone, notebook and smartphone, suffer read Fitness Tracker 1.7 gadget information.

Fitness Tracker 1.7 – Fitness Tracker lets we use your BlackBerry® to log your sporting activities, giving we real-time updates of your stretch and speed as we go, and displays maps of your finished routes. The interpretation can be simply uploaded to Strava ( for minute research and pity with your network. It’s a lightweight app, so we can attend to your song too.

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Fitness Tracker uses the GPS in your BlackBerry® to lane your on all sides formed on heavenly body signals and give we real-time updates on how distant we travel, and your normal speed. When used outdoor with a transparent view of the sky, it’s flattering accurate, good sufficient to discuss it which side of the travel we have been on for example. GPS additionally functions with limited views of the sky, similar to nearby high buildings, or unenlightened forests, though spasmodic the correctness will be degraded. GPS frequency functions indoors, so do not try to use it in a gym.

Fitness Tracker stores your wake up interpretation on your BlackBerry® so we have a minute diary of your activities. If we do opposite sports, any wake up can be tagged with a sort such as run, ride, walk, hike, ski, skate, kiteboard, windsurf, snowboard and more. You can view interactive maps of an activity, display the begin point, lane and finish point. Fitness Tracker lets we customize how your swell is displayed, regulating miles or kilometers and display speed or pace.

For Strava users, Fitness Tracker seamlessly uploads your wake up interpretation so we can try it serve on All we need to do is login once, after which your finished activities will be uploaded wirelessly, when we finish. Uploaded activities uncover a Strava idol on the log screen. The sort of wake up is synced with Strava so it will scrupulously lane your runs, rides and alternative stuff. If you’re not a part of of Strava, pointer up! It’s giveaway and provides one more ways to investigate and share your activities. You can see Google maps of your routes, and Strava additionally keeps a precision log giving totals, and averages. You can see time splits and emanate good graphs of pace or betterment via your activity. You can review your times on sure segments (routes) to alternative Strava users. Strava creates it easy to share your activities with your amicable network, either it is to tip a crony off on a good ride, or contest to get the most appropriate time on a segment.

Fitness tracker is written to be easy to use. The categorical shade shows we the info you’re starting to see whilst we do your activity. All we need to do is press the begin symbol and go. You can check your time, stretch and speed/pace as we go, or usually dont think about about it until you’re done. When done, press the finish symbol and that’s it. To get most appropriate results, follow these tips:

-At the top of the categorical shade is the GPS standing bar. When we initial open Fitness Tracker, it says “searching for location”. Sometimes it takes the GPS hardware a couple of mins to get the initial location, so open Fitness Tracker a couple of mins prior to we begin your wake up and it should be ready when we are. If we dont think about to do this we can still start, we usually competence skip recording the initial couple of mins of your activity. You should get good formula when the GPS says it is correct to reduction than 5 meters (15 ft) or so.

-Be studious with the GPS, infrequently it takes a whilst to start, generally if we have trafficked distant given the final time we used it

-For Strava users, on the categorical shade open the menu and name “Login to Strava”. You usually need to do this once, after which your activities have been uploaded automatically

-On the categorical screen, open the menu and name “Preferences”. You can set the sort of activity, select miles or kilometers, speed or pace

If we have any difficulty removing proposed or have suggestions greatfully email and give us a possibility to assistance we

Fitness Tracker is an exclusively grown app written to work with the Strava website. The Strava webiste is owned and operated by Strava, Inc.

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Version: 1.7
File Size: 105 KB
Required: 6.0.0 or higher

b2c47  annni1 Smartphone Fitness Tracker 1.7

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