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April 8, 2014

e-Mobile Contacts 3.2 phone details. Here mobile phone, notebook and smartphone, suffer review e-Mobile Contacts 3.2 gadget information.

e-Mobile Contacts 3.2 – Powerful hit management, firmly integrated with BlackBerry residence book. Search for contacts with press of the trackball.

Power-up your hit government with e-Mobile Contacts! It’s firmly integrated with the existent BlackBerry residence book, so we do not have to manually send numbers. Search contacts with ease with only a press of the trackball. Plus, e-Mobile Contacts includes modernized T9 poke and filter capabilities, e-mail and SMS from one available place and simply create/modify contacts.

Features include:
At-a-glance view of all contacts
Send e-mails and SMS content messages from one place

Version: 3.2
File Size: 132 KB
Required: 5.0.0 or higher

Download e-Mobile Contacts v3.2
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