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Post On: 16 June 2013
April 9, 2014

BlackBerry Messenger v8.0.0.52 BETA phone details. Here mobile phone, notebook and smartphone, suffer review BlackBerry Messenger v8.0.0.52 BETA gadget information.

BlackBerry Messenger v8.0.0.52 BETABBM Channel has updated the Beta Zone chronicle V8.0.0.52.

In this updated version, the BlackBerry has combined multiform new facilities to the OS inclination using OS 5.0 , 6.0, 7.0, and 7.1 follows:
-Search for Channels – the add-on “Browse Channels” add-on on the BlackBerry 10 or the “New Channel” on BBOS, users can poke and lane new Channels.
-Active Text for Channel ID’s Within BBOS (5, 6, and 7) – Whenever a channel is available in the BBOS BBM, users can name the ID Channel to open up channels of BBM. * Coming up will be for BB10 *
-Deleting My Own Channel – Users can right away undo the channel combined by them. Channels will additionally be private from the list of all those who have been watching.
-Support charcterised GIF – Users can right away insert the GIF existence in his essay on the Channel. Download the form here Gif images to exam this feature: Animated gif pack
-View Subscriber Count Within a Channel’s Preview Screen – users can right away see the sum series of channels on the track, right from the preview shade Channel.
-Repost Channel Content – Channels BBM allows users to send the calm they find or from channel to channel they guard their

Known Issues
Notable Known Issues for the ultimate BBM Channels builds have been as follows:
- Animated gifs have been not digest properly. Workaround: Open the design in full screen, afterwards behind out.

File Size: 5.85 MB
Required: 5.0.0 or higher

Download BlackBerry Messenger v8.0.0.52 BETA
OS 5.0
OS 6.0
OS 7.0
OS 7.1

OS 5.0
OS 6.0
OS 7.0
OS 7.1

Animated gif container > Download
Some charcterised gifs for we to try out your BBM Channel!


*)If we already have BBM 8 Beta key, use it. If we dont have the key, follow this elementary steps:
- Login to (Login with your BBID)
- See the Eligible Program and Download BBM Channel (BBOS)
- To see your sequence series check your email inbox after Download BBM Channel (BBOS) at BetaZone.

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