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Thursday, February 21st 2013. | gadget

BlackBerry Messenger BETA phone details. Here mobile phone, cover as well as smartphone, suffer review BlackBerry Messenger BETA tool information.

BlackBerry Messenger BETA – The prolonged awaited beta modernise set up is here! Please download BBM chronicle when we have a impulse as well as let us know what we think!



This modernise chronicle addresses assorted bugs (2 vital ones found in beta, appreciate you!):
- Uncaught Exception Error
- Memory leak/Black spinning clock

So, what’s brand new with BBM 7.0.1?
-Support for inclination using OS 5.0
-Faster call setup for BBM Voice sessions
-Improved device appendage doing (Bluetooth as well as headset integration)
-BBID setup as well as formation improvements

Device Support: 5.0, 6.0, 7.0 & 7.1
1. Update your Beta Zone user profile with your stream BlackBerry PIN. Click here to refurbish your form now. Please follow these stairs – Profiles > Edit > Contact as well as corkscrew to a final question.

2. Please emanate a backup of your device (and BBM Contact list) report before to installing a software, such which your interpretation can be easy if issues have been encountered on loading a software. 

BBM v7.0.1.16 (BETA)

Version: (BETA)
Size: 5633 KB
Required: OS 5.0 or Higher

Download BBM v7.0.1.16 (BETA)
OTA OS 5.0
OTA OS 6.0
OTA OS 7.0
OTA OS 7.1

Offline OS 5.0

Offline OS 6.0

Offline OS 7.0

Offline OS 7.1


*)If we already have OLD key, make use of it. If we dont have pass & betazone ID we contingency register (KEYCODE masih sama dengan BBM v7 yang lama)

- Register here
- Confirm a registration email on your mail inbox
- After it login with your ID as well as Password during
- See a Eligible Program.
- To see your sequence series check your inbox on your email after we have implement a module do we want.

If we have any subject go to review BlackBerry Messenger BETA information, as well as design strange here: BlackBerry Aplikasi


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