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April 8, 2014

BlackBerry Messenger BETA phone details. Here mobile phone, notebook and smartphone, suffer review BlackBerry Messenger BETA gadget information.

BlackBerry Messenger BETA – The prolonged awaited beta modernise build is here! Please download BBM chronicle when we have a impulse and let us know what we think!



This modernise chronicle addresses assorted bugs (2 vital ones found in beta, appreciate you!):
- Uncaught Exception Error
- Memory leak/Black spinning clock

So, what’s new with BBM 7.0.1?
-Support for inclination using OS 5.0
-Faster call setup for BBM Voice sessions
-Improved device appendage doing (Bluetooth and headset integration)
-BBID setup and formation improvements

Device Support: 5.0, 6.0, 7.0 & 7.1
1. Update your Beta Zone user profile with your stream BlackBerry PIN. Click here to refurbish your form now. Please follow these stairs – Profiles > Edit > Contact and corkscrew to the final question.

2. Please emanate a backup of your device (and BBM Contact list) report before to installing the software, such which your data can be easy if issues have been encountered on loading the software. 

BBM v7.0.1.16 (BETA)

Version: (BETA)
Size: 5633 KB
Required: OS 5.0 or Higher

Download BBM v7.0.1.16 (BETA)
OTA OS 5.0
OTA OS 6.0
OTA OS 7.0
OTA OS 7.1

Offline OS 5.0

Offline OS 6.0

Offline OS 7.0

Offline OS 7.1


*)If we already have OLD key, use it. If we dont have pass & betazone ID we contingency register (KEYCODE masih sama dengan BBM v7 yang lama)

- Register here
- Confirm the registration email on your mail inbox
- After it login with your ID and Password at
- See the Eligible Program.
- To see your sequence series check your inbox on your email after we have implement the module do we want.

If we have any subject go to review BlackBerry Messenger BETA information, and design strange here: BlackBerry Aplikasi


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