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BatteryEx v2.0 phone details. Here mobile phone, cover as well as smartphone, suffer review BatteryEx v2.0 tool information.

BatteryEx v2.0 – BatteryEx, a ONLY focus we need to perspective battery info as well as progress your battery life!



BatteryEx concede we fast perspective your battery standing though open BatteryEx, we can additionally set BatteryEx to automatically spin off radio/wifi energy as well as come in standby mode to save your battery.

Before You Install
1. Please UNINSTALL aged chronicle of BatteryEx first, we need to reactivate BatteryEx after implement brand new chronicle if we ascent to chronicle 1.5
2. If your device’s program chronicle is 5.0, though we need prolonged press “mute” pass to come in standby mode, we need to implement BatteryEx for OS4.6, NOT BatteryEx for OS5.0
3. If your device’s program chronicle is 5.0, greatfully set all a accede of BatteryEx to “allow”, as well as reset your device to let “standby” underline to work.
4. After purchased, greatfully run “BatteryEx”, open “about” screen, as well as click “activate”.
5. Before we turn on BatteryEx, greatfully occur we have Wifi tie which can entrance internet or we have scold APN settings configured.
6. For Storm&Storm2 users, greatfully invalidate Compatible Mode for BatteryEx

BatteryEx v2.0 for BlackBerry

BatteryEx v2.0

Version: 2.0
File Size: 276 KB
Required: 5.0.0 or higher

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Anni (PIN BB 233FD7A2,HP/Whatsapp/Line 081572985289)

Mey Yung (PIN BB 32A6E0BD,HP 02295555022). 

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